CB Insights Report: Crypto Investments & Startups in the US See 587% Hike Amid China’s Crypto Ban

Since the commencement of the Q4, crypto has experienced exceptional bulls, globally. Especially, given China’s active approach towards implementing a crypto ban, the former crypto hub’s start ups and investment giants are now moving into the US crypto market. According to CB Insight’s latest report, the value of venture investments in to crypto shot through the roof, from $3.1 billion in 2020, to $21.3 billion by November 30 of this year, across the world.

Furthermore, crypto deals in China dropped by over 50 percent since last year, along the total value of investments in crypto and blockchain startups in the country, which also experienced a steep fall, down to $214 million in 2021. However, the U.S. appears to be replacing China, as it locked approximately $10.9 billion in crypto and blockchain investments, amounting to an extraordinary sevenfold hike. The global gravitation of investment giants and start ups towards crypto may speculate a sooner than later entrance of the decentralized industry into the mainstream arena.

Bloomberg quoted the CB Insights analyst, Chris Bendsten, who said, “We’ve basically seen no deals in China…In Asia, the companies are really based in Hong Kong, India and Singapore.” Additionally, the fourth quarter of 2021 has been the biggest ever for crypto startup investing, “and we’re not even into December,” Bendsten added.

CB Insights Report on Bullish November for VC Funding in Crypto

Towards the end of last month, CoinGape covered the same CB Insights Report, highlighting over-performing crypto data in the Venture Capital Funding sector. The report confirmed over $3 billion in venture capital funding merely in November itself. Big names in the industry pitched in including, the largest crypto venture fund ever, worth $2.5 billion by the crypto-dominated investment firm, Paradigm. Other companies in the list were, the Bitcoin mining infrastructure company, GRIID, that acquired $525 million from Blockchain.com, along with Gemini’s funding round raising $400 million, all in just the month of November.

“Early-stage rounds (seed/Series A) dominate the dealmaking, capturing almost 80% of deals in 2021 YTD…Investors like Coinbase Ventures are also bursting onto the scene — the VC arm was by far the most active blockchain crypto investor with 24 deals in the quarter”, according to Anand Sanwal, CEO and co-founder of CB Insights.

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